Who are we?

Ferris Wheel Organisation carries the objective to support the welfare of the marginalized and underprivileged community through sustainable charity works in hopes our works will impact and improve the lives of the community.


How to get involved?


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I am very honored to work with amazing NPO Ferris Wheel Org, they have organized so many amazing projects to help and support the less fortunate

Stephanie | FWO Fundraiser & Donor

In FWO, they treat you like a person, not an employee. That's reflected in the culture they had established and how management approaches and care for its employees. Due to the pace and industry they operate in, it is a highly demanding organization yet, having a platform to be able to make a small contribution to the underprivileged community makes it feel worthwhile.

MFA | FWO Marketing Intern

Spending my precious time to create unforgettable memories with Ferris Wheel Organisation. Glad to be a part of FWO team, I have learned and gained much experience and knowledge from the organisation. I love the working environment at FWO, people are friendly and polite. FWO also gave me a platform to showcase my ability and contribute to help out the underprivileged community of people who are in need. Together with FWO, we will keep on helping the community by creating social awareness and a sustainable environment.

Jia Hau | FWO Marketing Team

Through my Internship with Ferris Wheel, I have gained a great amount of experience and knowledge. I can feel for myself what it's like to meet and help the less fortunate. Thank you to the FWO for the experiences, I’m grateful to be part of the team. I would love to continue being in this field, to helping and supporting the underprivileged community

Safira |FWO Marketing Intern

Ferris Wheel has made a profound difference in the lives of those it serves. Their commitment is very inspiring, and I'm proud to support their invaluable work. Together, we're making a positive impact on our community and beyond.

Chun Meng | FWO Volunteer