Buy with Impact!

Batik Mask

Beautiful soft, cotton batik print mask that is reusable and it feels soft to the skin with breathable quality. Each piece of batik print mask is individually hand-sewn by the single mothers, stay-at-home moms, and from the B40 community. Your purchase will contribute towards empowering women, as they will be able to earn an income and make a living for themselves.

Sheroes Tshirt

SHEROES - She is someone that supports you, encourages you, and believes in you. She's the one that you always admire. Or that person could be YOU too! All proceeds will be used to support our #FightPeriodPoverty campaign to provide girls with sanitary pads so they will have access to better menstrual hygiene and be able to live a normal life.

Gift Pack WomEn

A gift for yourself and to support other women, as every purchase of the WomEn gift pack, the proceeds will donate to support the underprivileged women community through our ongoing campaign #fightperiodpoverty and Batik Mask.

Gift Pack Plant-With-Love

Plant With Love comes from the idea of providing gifts for oneself and also giving to others through the purchase of the succulent plant gift pack. All of the proceeds from the gift pack will be channeled back to the Ferris Green Project Urban Vertical Farm.

Eco-friendly Straw

Earth is a beautiful place to live on, but we have to make sure our future generation is able to enjoy this beautiful planet too. In order to do it, we must take better care of our planet. Let's start this effort by saying no to plastic straws and start carrying your own stainless steel eco-friendly straw.